Growing up, I started my first business at the age of 6. I made pompom bears and glued them to pencils in each of the local school colors. In middle school and high school, I continued to create and sell items in local school colors. In college, while studying engineering, I again created and sold items for the sororities and fraternities at my college as well as surrounding colleges.

I now guide entrepreneurs and business owners to success and beyond. I help design, build, strengthen and transform their businesses and themselves – whether they are starting out, ready to grow and the going is tough.

With my professional background in mechanical engineering and production/operations management, I understand also the corporate world. My successes (and failures) in both traditional business and network marketing/direct sales, showed me my strengths (and weaknesses). These experiences helped me hone my skills of helping others identify and tackle the challenges of entrepreneurship and business.

Having started businesses, helped others in their businesses, failed in business, then picked myself up and started again, I understand the ebb and flow of entrepreneurship and business. Having reinvented myself a few times, I also understand changing your career path and wanting to reinvent yourself.  Your passion must match your purpose and pursuits in life.

Now, I help people identify and pursue their passions – as well as make money pursuing their passion. I invite you to let me help you identify and overcome your challenges to reach your fullest potential! Your new adventures awaits – there is no limit to your success.

Cheers to all your successes!

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